information system security -Questions


Answer the questions individually.

The book you might need :

Chapter 5 questions:

1- Security policies are the least expensive control to execute, but the most difficult to implement properly. List the reasons shaping policy is difficult:

Also list the three types of management of security policies, according to The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Special Publication 800-14.

2- Design of Security Architecture

List one of the sections that outline key security architectural components. To assess whether a framework and/or blueprint are on target to meet an organization’s needs you must have a working knowledge of these security architecture components.

3- What does SETA programs mean? Comment on one other students posting under this thread.

4- Managers in the IT and information security communities are called on to provide strategic planning to assure the continuous availability of information systems. What are these continuity strategies?

Chapter 6 questions:

1- What is a supplicant and briefly describe the 4 forms of authentication to consider (what a supplicant knows, has, is and produces)?

2- Explain how a firewall prevents specific types of information from moving between the outside world, known as the untrusted network, and the inside world, known as the trusted network.

3- Discuss how the firewall may be a separate computer system, a software service running on an existing router or server, or a separate network containing a number of supporting devices.

4- Discuss the type of firewall the residential user implement should implement. Where would you rather defend against a hacker

5- What are the reasons that VPN technology has become the dominant method for remote workers to connect to the organizational network? Comment on two other students’ postings under this thread.

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