Assignment about Story Boarding

Decide on an app you would like to make. This app should be complicated enough that it will have uses in a variety of scenarios.

In a few sentences describe what your app is.

Pick a main task for you app to make a storyboard. The task should be complex enough to generate a storyboard. Create 3 alternative storyboards for accomplishing the same task. To do this you will change the one of the following, the interface, the scenario, or the satisfaction (or all 3). Total you should have 15-20 comic panels. Draw these panels on sheets of papers. You do not have to produce great art but I do have to understand the scenario, interface, and satisfaction from each story board. You will be graded on how clear your message is not how well you can draw.

Remember!!!! This is not a prototype but a storyboard, make sure you know the difference.

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