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Before doing this assignment, be sure you are familiar with the General Instructions for Written Assignments found in the Course Information module.

This assignment is actually quite similar to the Week 1 assignment, except that you will choose the attacks to write about.

Find three examples of cyber espionage attacks, and write a “mini-essay” about each. The essays must be at least 100 words long and must include the following information:

  • Who was the victim of the attack
  • Who was the attacker, if known
  • What did the attacker do to the victim
  • What was the apparent motivation of the attacker
  • Were there any “victims” of the cyberattack other than the main victim

Each essay must include a citation from some online source where you learned about the attack. And each essay must come from a different source. Also, you cannot choose any of the attacks we’ve read about in the outside readings.

Be sure that the attacks you write about are cyber espionage! The attacker must be trying to steal information for their own use or the use of their government. Don’t write about attacks where the information is stolen for publicity, where they steal credit card or personal information to sell on the black market, or where the attacks are primarily for destructive purposes. There’s plenty of attacks to choose from, there’s no reason to have any difficulty finding three.

Each essay is worth 1 point, and you will receive no credit if the essay is less than 100 words.

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