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You are to conduct a research study and write a research paper per the guidelines specified in the previous assignments.

The research paper should adhere to APA style and include (1) a title page, (2) an abstract page, (3) the research paper content of at least 2500 words, and (4) a references section.

The research paper content should be a traditional FIVE section paper: (1) Introduction, (2) Research Background, (3) Research Method, (4) Findings, and (5) Conclusion. Each section should be clearly marked with an APA Level 2 header.

Additional formatting and style requirements are listed here. Refer to the grading Rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be evaluated and scored.

Plagiarism (using someone else’s content word for word without properly giving credit for it) will not be tolerated and is justification for receiving a zero on this assignment.

A Turnitin analysis (see (Links to an external site.) for information on this product) will be automatically applied to your assignment submission to indicate the potential degree of “originality,” which means that you have interpreted and are discussing your research results “in your own words” (paraphrasing) or are using proper APA citation methods to include the words of others. A Turnitin analysis percentage of 15% or higher may result in your having to repeat this assignment in order to receive any credit for it. Blatant offenses may result in an automatic failure for this assignment, this course, and further disciplinary matters in accordance with the Academic Honesty Policy.

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