Sherry Turkle says that she sees a vulnerability

1. Sherry Turkle says that she sees “a vulnerability” in those who prefer social media to phone calls or face-to-face communication: “I see a vulnerability in this generation, so quick to say, ‘Please don’t call'” (385-386). What are your own views on communicating via texts, emails and/or social media. How does your communication change from sites like Facebook to LinkedIn? You can draw on other readings or materials you’ve read so far for ideas to consider or question to support your view.

2. Sherry Turkle writes that young women often “prefer to deal with strong feelings from the safe haven of the Net,” and doing so provides “an alternative to processing emotions in real time.” What do you think Jenna Wortham would say to that? What do you think about Turkle’s argument? Use quotes or details from the text to support your answer.

3. After watching Sherry Turkle’s discussion about how she essentially thinks we are all connected, yet alone, and listening to Manoush Zomordodi present ideas from companies like “Invisible Girlfriend,” and communicating how thoughtful relationships through text messages works for some people, how do you feel about what you heard? We live in a technological age where we rely on quick communication, and not necessarily face-to-face. How do you feel about what has been presented to you?

*Limit your answer to 2-3 paragraphs for each question.

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