Use of Social Media by Nonprofit Organizations


Increasingly, development professionals are using the Internet and social media to cultivate, educate, and solicit individual donors. Most donors do not begin giving to an organization by making a large gift. All organizations should have a base of donors who make small gifts ($1–$499, final amount determined by the organization) that often increase over time. The approach you use to cultivate, educate, and solicit donors who make small-to-medium-size gifts is different than the approach you use for major donors. The Internet provides several opportunities to connect with potential and current donors. Social media may be especially appreciated by members of Generation X and the Millennial Generation. Research and find an example of a nonprofit organization that solicits donations through its website or via social media.

 Post the name of the organization and the link to its website. Describe the different forms of social media used by the selected organization. If the site used Facebook or Twitter, did it demonstrate best practices in its use? Explain. Finally, explain the type of e-fundraising the organization was doing. 

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