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Here is our first discussion question. Choose ONE of the options below to respond to and please indicate which option you have chosen in your response.

1. Using the story Rosaldo tells about how the Ilongots reacted to his Vietnam War draft notice, discuss how the concept of “mental maps of reality” in Guest p. 38-40 relates to ethnocentrism and cultural relativism.


2. Interpret the following quotation from the Rosaldo article: “In Java, Geertz tells us, they have a saying: ‘The person is not yet human.’ But the way they say it is: ‘The person is not yet Javanese.'” How does this quotation relate to the concept of culture employed by anthropologists? Hint: Look up the concept of culture in Guest before answering this question, particularly the role anthropologists believe culture plays in shaping us as individuals and as a species.

The Rosaldo’s readings is link:…

I don’t have the Guest book yet, Guest’s Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age so far, sorry about that and please make some for the Guest part, please make some google research, so sorry about that, need a clear citation also at the end of the essay.

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