Hello There, following are questions that needs to be answered. each answer should be around 300 wor

Hello There,
following are questions that needs to be answered. each answer should be around 300 words.

1)What benefit would strategic decision-makers gain from utilizing a definitive framework and following a specified strategy development and deployment process?
2)Conduct a review of the business literature, and then carry out a Five Force analysis of the Coca-Cola organization.
•Describe and discuss the results of your analysis
3)When considering the Boston Matrix explain what causes products and services to be ‘cash users, ‘cash neutral or ‘cash generators.
• Explain why an organization might decide to keep providing a product or service long after it has reached the decline and low return stage of the life cycle.
4)Using an organization that you are familiar with – what would the value chain of the organization look like?
In this case the organization should be University Of Huddersfield
•Produce a value chain model and a short description.
•Make some suggestions of how to improve the cost effectiveness of some of the value chain elements.
•Carry out a PESTLE analysis of Morrisons supermarket United Kingdom.
•Discuss the results of your analysis and any conclusions you can make concerning the organisations mid to long-term future.
•What trends might be useful to monitor as a performance indicator for strategic actions the organisation might take?
•Use the PESTLE grids we looked at this week and submit copies with your answer
6) Produce a table that records the features of the competitive positioning strategies of:
o Ryan Air, BMW and Rolls Royce.
• Where does each of these organisations fit in the Porter Generic Strategy Model?
• Describe how each organisation sustains their competitive advantage

7) Using the organisation you chose to answer question 4 (Value Chain){organisation is Huddersfield University

• Using appropriate tools and techniques conduct a current and future stakeholder analysis for the chosen organisation.
• Record and discuss your findings
(The current analysis should identify the main stakeholders today (late 2015), whilst the future analysis should identify potential new and emerging stakeholders)

write a conclusion of all the answers you gave


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