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The Clinicians workforce majority at this time are young people. However, exist a mature culture in administration that must challenge different aspects related to the multigenerational administration. Some of these elements are technological, educational, and sociocultural. As a result, it is necessary to create solutions like worker skills appreciation, training, or coaching and find the availability and flexibility to make things work. Furthermore, it is necessary to apply some of the leadership strategies like good communication, behavior follow-up, open to discuss or tutoring to reshape the employee environment. The companies who had not considered the difference in generations, had not being succeed and the employees had abandon their jobs.. Consequently, it is a challenge for recruiters to find the differences between cultures, attitudes, values, and behaviors to manage them properly. Therefore, many companies had turn into a tolerant culture that understand the different generations expectations and had brush up with the education. In the generational Administrative workforce exist veterans, boomers, generation-x, and milennials who are working in the same space but have different personal characteristics, different skills, have other expectations, and are working at their own style and pace. However, the job satisfaction of each generation is different due to the characteristics of age, culture, values and expectations for the future so that it is a proposal to the action of the job role classification and what is expected to challenge the work necessities to joint the gap. These activities invite to do a problem-solving evaluation where we can implement different methods and tools. For example, be understandable, recognize the improvement, and evaluate the continue efficiency and strength. Referring to the multigenerational interactions between the clinicians and the administrative workforce, the challenges are different due to the cultural differentional rate and collaboration. Remember that clinicians have different necessities, roles, and regulations to meet and those differences must be recognized by both: the clinicians and the administrators to create a collaborative environment. (Lewis, L. F; Wescott, H. D; J, 2017).

Lewis, L. F; Wescott, H. D; Journal of Business Studies Quaterly. 2017. Multi – generational Workforce: Four Generations United in Lean. Retrieved from

Read and respond with feedback or suggestions regarding their thoughts. 100 word one reference as need

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