The Academic Paper Portfolio APA STYLE with RUNNING HEAD and title page. 1-First page Introduction e

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The Academic Paper Portfolio
APA STYLE with RUNNING HEAD and title page.

1-First page Introduction explain what you will be doing in the paper but avoid first person (1
Page) be interesting
Write introduction about 3 section
Visit section first section
All school I learn different
1-    My reflation about speaker Marilyn Sharpe.
I learn how early child hood can help child to learn more. And children how their parent speak with him or her can make different in their speak and the world more than children don’t took with them. She was very nice and give us good experiences. Me as mother and leader in the same time I will keep school like home so student can learn so fist   
2-Perpich center for arts education. Date visited: February, 12 2014.
It was great school of Art, teacher encourage student to be more creative. as a leader I will give student space to creative and chance to open their word to them.
1-    Palmer Lake Elementary. DATE VISITED: 2/19/2014.
In this school I like the idea of help student in reading and math. Also, the special need class and it was so wonderful how teacher help them to understand and use different style every one has different style learning.
2-    Reflation about Montessori school from this link:
3-    Vista View Elementary School Annual Report. 2/26/2014.
This school is very friendly. The leader keep the school like family.
  Section 2
1-Visible Learning chapter reflections, outlines, summaries/ Chapters 1-3 , , [2], 4 &5, 6, 7, 8., 9, 10,)  I add the book you can see it . This file use it to explain about those chapters (Hattie-Visible-Learning-A-synthesis-of-over-800-meta-analyses-relating-to-achievement-2008)
Section 3 I learn different thing how can teacher, parent, leader make different in student education. And what style the teacher should use. And lot of thing.
1-    Approaches to Teaching homework, teaching style learning.  I learn how student has different style, the teacher should use different method.

You can talk about leadership this is the course name ED 506 Community Learning Laboratory.

2-     Second page; answer those Q: 1 page  (be interesting )

Personal Development: 1-How did I grow in educational leadership?
These school visit and books help me to know how I can will good leader. Add what you think.

 2-How did I grow as an individual?
In those visit I take other experiences to grow my knowledge. Also, the book give me information how I will more educator. 
3- How did I grow in relationship to my class members and teacher?
It is so important to build good relationship with teacher and student. By keep good environment school to help student learn better.  

4- How did I grow in relationship to my profession as an Educational Leader?
By learn from other leader and reading and keep grow with new things.
3-Conclusion.  (1 page).
 Write about those visit and the books. What I learn in this course I learn so much about different American schools special Minnesota school I will bring those expenses to my home country Saudi Arabia. I will make change and development the education in my home.  As a leader I hope I will make change to get better education. Minnesota is Diversity state and different culture. Also, the leader should has good relishing ship and keep the school like family.

4- References page. (be interesting)
   (include the title of the class books, the Site Visit Instrument, the date and location of any photos, and/or any other quotations or paraphrasing you cited.  Feel free to add any resource information to your writing.)
Those two books.
Fenstermacher, G.D., and Soltis, J.F. (with M.N. Sanger) (2009). Thinking about Education: Approaches to Teaching (5th ed.). New York: Teachers College Press.
Hattie, J. A. C. (2012). Visible learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement. New York: Routledge.

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