complete a total of 5 questions for each section using 3m

ICD 10 PCS Codebook – page 899 Coding Exercises, complete a total of 10 5 questions for each section using 3M. The answers for all the coding exercises are at the end of this appendix.

You may verify your code, but you will need to take a screenshot of each question in 3M completed showing the correct code to receive credit.

Screenshots need to be a historical view showing each step how to get to the correct code. If you have questions please refer to the 3M assignment that was assigned in module 2 and /or send messages through the virtual café so that all students in the class may see the answer.

Complete your work in a Word document then upload it to this submission link. Identify each question for credit.

This project has been modified from 10 to 5 questions for each section of the coding exercises at the back of your PCS book due to the delayed posting of your project.

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I have attached icd 10 pcs questions and 3m instructions how to print screen on historical view

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