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could you answer these two problems ASAP, they are related to C#:

Problem 1: What word is created?

string word = “Abomination”;

string answer;

word = word.Remove(0, 1);

word = word.Remove(1, 4);

string tempstring = word.Substring(4, 2);

word = word.Remove(3, 3);

string tempstring2 = word.Substring(0, 1);

tempstring2 = tempstring2.ToUpper();

word = word.Remove(0, 1);

answer = tempstring2 + word + tempstring;


Problem 2: What word is the result?

string word = “Onomatopoeia”;

string answer;

word = word.Substring(0, 11);

word = word.Insert(1, “c”);

word = word.ToLower();

word = word.Substring(0, 9) + “u”;

word = word.Insert(word.Length, “s”);

word = word.Replace(‘n’, ‘t’);

string temp1 = word.Substring(0, 4);

word = word.Remove(0, 4);

string temp2 = word.Substring(4, 3);

string temp3 = temp1.Substring(0, 1);

temp1 = temp3.ToUpper() + temp1.Substring(1, 3);

answer = temp1 + temp2;


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