compare and contrast two poems essay

Compare and contrast the two poems for the purpose of making a debatable point that you will defend using the poems to illustrate. You will also incorporate a minimum of four (4) secondary sources from the Saint Leo Library; the sources MUST be from Saint Leo’s Library. Your two (2) selected poems will be your primary sources. Therefore, your Works Cited should have a total of at least 6 entries.

You will use incorporate both internal citations and include a Works Cited at the end. Of course, you will need to use specific documentation from the poems as your primary illustrations. The professor recommends you use the point-by-point method of organization (see page 766 in the back of the reader.) For purposes of documentation, you will need to refer to line or line numbers as follows: for example, (lines 4-5) or (line 1). When using more than one line of poetry at a given time, use the / (diagonal) to show where the line break occurs. When using the / to designate a line break, be sure to space once before the diagonal and after the diagonal.

The essay must be a minimum of 6 well-developed paragraphs. Proof carefully. Adhere to MLA guidelines for all documentation and formatting.

2 poems are below:

Robert Frost: the road not taken

Lisel Mueller: Hope

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