core assessment 2


For this course you must write a Core Assessment Paper. The topic of the paper must be related to some aspect of law enforcement and it must be approved. You can submit the email request at any time between Units 2-4. The sooner you submit this the more likely to get your topic approved on time.

If no approval is granted by that deadline no credit will be given.

Sample Topics

How Capital Punishment Relates to Law Enforcement – If, for example, if you are interested in capital punishment, the paper should focus primarily on how that relates to law enforcement.

Conducting a Murder Investigation by Law Enforcement – One approach could be the degree of detail and technology required to conduct a murder investigation. The paper should not be a sociological, sociological, political or legal discussion of capital punishment. Clearly, it should focus only how a murder investigation relates to law enforcement.

Due Dates

The core assessment essay topic must be:

  1. Submitted your instructor no later than by Sunday 11:59 pm CT of Unit 4.
  2. Approved by your instructor no later than by Sunday 11:59 pm CT of Unit 5.


  1. Select a topic related to and applied in some aspect of law enforcement.
  2. Conduct some library research and identify five (5) library sources along with the text which means there will be six minimum references. These sources must be in APA style as in the Library Assignment in Unit 1.
  3. Submit the topic and list of resources for approval by email

Core assessment essay topic
The topic and resources must be approved by the end of week five or no credit will be allowed. You should be thinking about what you would like to write about so that you can get the preliminary research and topic approved. The email request for approval must include the following information: Authors name, year of publication, title of article, name of journal, volume and edition and number of pages – all in APA format. A Google search will not be acceptable as this is an academic exercise and the Park, or any, University library should be the principle resource. See the syllabus for further instructions

Questions about course requirements
The office button is an excellent means of communicating questions about course requirements. More often than not many students may have the same question and if posted in the “Instructor Office” it can serve as an excellent resource for everyone.

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