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After a year of design, analysis, and non-human testing we have successfully prototyped a working model that proves the systems functionality as well as meeting the design objectives. This model is not the final marketable design but will accurately demonstrate the concept of reduced gravity simulation by the ununiformed torque applied by the constant force pneumatic cylinder as the leg moves through its degrees of motion. Moving forward, further non-human and human testing is to be conducted. However further ergonomic accommodations must be implemented into the system and the International Review Board (IRB) must validate the safety protocol for human testing to be conducted. The final result should implement this system into the main Reduced Gravity Simulator in a manner that allows the two systems to work independently of each other while satisfying all ergonomic factors to mitigate any accidents.











Recommendations   (Future Goals)


            The future goals of the project are to continue the manufacturing process by the Reduced Gravity and Biomechanics staff over the upcoming summer. Once manufacturing is completed and the application for human testing has gone through testing will begin. The design that has been completed this semester is a prototype and some adjustments may need to be completed after testing has taken place.

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