reading chapter 6 db 250 words each question total 500 words

Attached is the assignment document for the weekly discussion question assignment.  Please note that questions are due every week that we have assigned readings.  A total of 12 sets of discussion questions (24 individual questions) is required over the course of the semester



Weekly Discussion Questions


The Assignment:

Discussion questions are questions that YOU write after reading an assigned chapter.  The questions you write should promote deeper thought or insight about what the chapter is saying.  These questions will be used to facilitate discussion in class.


You will be responsible for writing two (2) discussion questions per week throughout the semester.  Discussion questions should focus on the content of each reading assignment.  They should be thoughtful and designed to promote discussion.  Please avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.  Note that you are required to submit questions per week – so even when you have to read two chapters, you still only need to submit two discussion questions total. 



Your questions must be submitted in a Word document (.doc, .docx) or PDF. These questions will be used during class each week as part of the general discussion.




Questions will be scored in the following way:



0 points

1 point

2 points

Quantity and Timeliness

No questions submitted

Only 1 question submitted; submitted late

2 or more questions submitted

Content Knowledge

No questions submitted; questions do not address upcoming reading assignment

Some knowledge and close reading demonstrated

Appropriate knowledge and close reading demonstrated

Content Depth

No questions submitted; yes/no questions

Questions prompt some critical thinking and make some connections

Questions prompt critical thinking and make connections between/across concepts



QUESTION 1: Chapter 1 talks about the five most common categories of theatre (commercial, historical, political, experimental, cultural), and differentiates between what each type achieves.  Which of these categories most closely matches the definition of “art” and why?




QUESTION 2: Is one of these categories more valuable than the others?  If so, why – and if not, why not?



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