Information Technology and Systems for Healthcare Power Point Presentation





You have been asked by one of the largest healthcare corporations to create a PowerPoint presentation that highlights each of the units in this course. The presentation should be interactive.



• You will ask questions in the presentation and you will make sure that in the notes section of the presentation you will give the anticipated responses. Include a minimum of two questions and potential responses for each of the topics listed. Use your creativity to make the presentation lively. Please use any pictures or clipart in a way that would help with the understanding of the topics.




• This presentation must contain at least four slides for each topic. Please make sure that you address current issues for each topic as well as challenges associated with them.




• This presentation will include a minimum of 36 slides, not including the title slide or the references slide(s). Make sure your theme is one you have thought about and your flow of information makes sense. Be sure to include the following in your presentation:





1)Fundamentals of electronic information management




2)Electronic health records




3)Healthcare data sets and standards





4)Standards for electronic data and electronic data Interchange



5)Information security



6)Secondary data sources



7)Information technology (IT) and the National Health Information Network



8)Free Web-based EHR





The Assignment will include a minimum of 36 Power Point slides.


• Follow APA guidelines.


• Include a title slide and reference slide. Length requirements do not include the title and reference slides.


• This Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English featuring correct grammar, punctuation, style, and mechanics.


• Include at least three references. The textbook counts as one reference. All sources must be scholarly. Wikipedia is an example of a resource that is not acceptable. Use APA style for all citations including course materials.


Your information used should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful.





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