Legal Aspects of Business Decisions: MGT625

Common Assessment Activity; Virtually all decisions facing international managers including whom to hire, how to make their company’s goods in the host market, which technology to adopt, and so forth, are affected by the national environment of the country in which the transaction occurs. You are heading the legal department of IBC, Inc. doing business in Mexico. Do a Power Point Presentation for both old and new hires on “The Legal, technological, cultural, accounting, and political environments of business”.


Grading is on the basis of the following activity descriptions:

  • Note: Make sure it’s not less than 17 slides.

1. Identify the types of legal systems confronting international business.

2. Explain how domestic laws affect the ability of firms to conduct international business.

3. List ways firms can resolve international business disputes.

4. Identify the impact of the host countries technological environment on international business.

5. Explain the national accounting system.

6. Explain how firms can protect themselves from political risk.

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