Background research (4 paragraphs) about Trypanophobia ( fear of needles)

Write a 4-paragraph essay justifying the need for engineering design addressing trypanophobia.

The essay should be between 500-800 words, 12 pt font, standard margins & formatting.

Use primary sources as references for your essay. You must include citations and a bibliography, created using a bibliographic software package (RefWorks or EasyBib). Any valid Citation style can be used, such as IEEE or APA. A list of URLs is not a citation.

In the essay answer these 4 questions in 4 paragraphs: 

4 paragraph essay 

P1- What’s the big picture issue here?

P2- How has this issue been addressed thus far?

P3- What’s left to address? (important!)

P4- What novel solution are you proposing? (project scope)

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