Why should more general theories of nature be so highly sought and prized? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of generalized theories and more specific theories.

Write a three-page (approximately 750 words) reflective journal for this unit that demonstrates that you have contemplated and understand the material, and that you comprehend how it relates to science and Science as a Process.

The assignment requires three full pages of writing, double-spaced with starndard margins and miminal headings.

You must use two outside sourcrs of infomration, and these sources must be acknowledged with in-text citations and listed in a Literature Cited Section at the end of the Reflective Journal eassay.


The in-text citations should be of the format (author’s last names, years of publication) enclosed within parentheses and within the sentence that includes the information APA Style.


I need someone that is fully knowlegeble with the three essential elements of science: the search for understanding; laws and principles of greatest generality; and experimental methods

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