You must develop a business plan. -The plan must be clearly articulated and formatted in such…

You must develop a business plan.

The plan must be clearly articulated and formatted in such a way that makes it acceptable to the business organisation. It must contain all of the necessary elements and must be informed by accurate, current, relevant and useful data/ information. Graphs, charts, tables etc can be used and any information that is relevant but not necessarily required for inclusion in the plan can be included in an appendix.

The plan could apply to the business as a whole; specific aspects of the business, or to a proposed new venture.

Submit, to your assessor, the completed business plan, relevant risk and cost–benefit analyses and brief answers to the following questions:

1.What concepts and ideas were considered?

2.How did you identify the resources that would be required to support the plan?

3.What personnel would be involved in the planning process?

4.What data/ information did you use when formulating the plan?

5.With whom did you consult and why did you consult with these people?

6.From what sources did you gather data/ information?

7.How did you verify the currency, reliability and usefulness of the data/ information you collected?

8.How will the plan benefit the business?

9.How will you communicate this plan to other personnel in the business and how will you ensure that they support the plan?

10.Will the plan make any differences to the skills and competencies required by employees; and if it does, what action will you take?

11.How will the plan contribute to continuous improvement?

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