Mid semester Progress Evaluation engineering homework help

Part -1: For this activity, you are asked to refer to the beginning of the semester:

If your current standing is an A or you have a good reason to believe you will finish up this semester with an A; evaluate the wisdom of your strategies you planned earlier, and describe if you ended of differing from your initial plans.

If your current standing is less than an A, or realistically you will finish this semester with a grade B or lower; evaluate yourselves in terms of how well you followed your planned strategies, and when, how and why you strayed. Explain, what you will change to get back on track for the second half of the semester. Detailed, thoughtful critical self-analysis is required. Include word count at the end of part-1, minimum of 350 words.


Identify three most important concepts or skills you learned in this course

Explain why you consider them so important, in particular how you expect to use these concepts and skills in the future ( include word count for part 2, minimum of 350 words)

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