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Develop information gathering (research) and communication strategies to enable the provision of professional advice to a client. Objective: The objective of this assignment is to learn to effectively research a technical aspect of accounting and communicate professional advice to a client, via a business letter.

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Business letter writing Background to the case study: Assume that you are a graduate accountant working for McKenzie and Associates a public accounting firm situated at 668 George Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000. The manager of your firm, Ms. Maria McKenzie has asked you to draft a letter in response to an email received from a client – Mr. Con Pewter, the Managing Director of Pewter Ltd, raising a number of issues regarding his company – see the copy of the email on the next page. The maximum length of the letter is 1,250 words (excluding any calculations). • Part A: Technical component 15% – This mark covers the technical content of your advice and the explanation on each of the issues, the calculations and the sources used. • Part B: Communication Skills – Letter Writing 10% – This mark covers the generic skills of business letter writing; layout, clear meaning, structure and organisation, appropriate tone and grammar, spelling and punctuation etc. The assignment is designed to test the following skills: 1. Your knowledge and your ability to research the issues and then apply the information appropriately using judgement to correctly identify the relevant standards and legislation that relate to the issues raised by the client. 2. Your written communication skills – business letter writing Please note: Any work which has been copied or shared between students will result in a Fail grade for both students concerned. Therefore, please make sure that the answer to this individual assignment is your own work and not copied or bought from any source. In completing this assignment make sure you follow the guidelines for assignments especially those relating to the presentation of written work, late assignment policy and academic integrity. Please check the marking rubric for each part to ensure that you have followed all the guidelines for presenting your work. Topic Re: Accounting Issues: Year Ending 30 June 2017 From: Con Pewter ( HYPERLINK…


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