im done working with frauds,and multiple tutors so don’t bother asking if you have negative or n






im done working with frauds,and multiple tutors so don't bother asking if you have negative or no ratings !

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research subject is : r/c helicopters,drones and the faa, i am against r/c aircraft registration( specificaly r/c helicopters)  




As has been stated before in this course, it is important to realize that the pathway to writing a paper is approaching the finished product as a process, one in which you must take one step at a time to complete. Remember the analogy of making a cake. You have gathered all of the ingredients (or, done your research), but now you have to mix those ingredients together. How you mix them together, and in what order you mix them, will determine the successfulness of the cake and, in many instances, the type of cake being made. Therefore, it is important to take a deep breath and allow yourself to be in the process of writing.

Perform the following tasks:

This week, you are asked to revise the Unit IV “Literature Review” AND include an “Introduction” that revises and makes clear your argumentative thesis you first included in your Unit V Formal Sentence Outline. 

To help you with refining your argumentative thesis, the “backbone” of your research essay, you are to apply the “Checklist” for “Writing the Final Thesis” on p. 475 in Chapter 22, Section 22b, of Strategies for Writing Successful Research Papers. You also are directed to apply the “Checklist for revising the thesis statement” on p. 16 of your Little, Brown Compact Handbook.

Step 1: Respond to the following questions:    

Post your Unit/Week 6 revised argumentative thesis statement you think you will include in your “Introduction” to your revised “Literature Review,” discussing (A) which “Checklist” you found most helpful to your revision process, and (B) which specific bullet/s from the checklists you found helped you most or least to limit and/or clarify your claim.  Share with your fellow students your initial hypothesis, enthymeme, or theory, and discuss briefly how your argument and persuasive approach to your opposition/audience has evolved over these past few weeks.

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