Hi, Attached find project management questions. please help with the detail answers. answers must…

Hi, Attached find project management questions. please help with the detail answers. answers must be easy to follow.

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.’i#iifi ,#i”$f#*r-.{‘ff ff ih Semester Test 2 24 Octotrer 2018 COURSE: ENGINEERING TIME:2 HOURS PAPER: PROJECT MANAGEMENT 38 MARKS:100 PJB382I Surname: First Name Student Number: Number: Cell IVOTES: 7. Closed book test. No notes of any kind may be used. provided 2. Use the space for questions answering the on this exam paper. 3. Use of calculators is allowed. phones 4. No cell are allowed on or near a candidate writing this test. 1 (20) QUESTTON project As the project you perform project performance manager of a renovations a cost analysis. project The has an estimated duration of 16 weeks and a total budget of R2B0 (shaight) 000 which is assumed to follow a linear line cumulative budget curve from the project. your previous start to the finish of the During cost end analysis at the of week 10, you calculated R59 plus the CEV as 000 while the cumulative actual committed cost at point that in time stood at R62 000. At the end of week 12, you your now calculate that since last cost analyses at the end of your week 10, team has expended a further R18 000 on the project whilst the earned value past over the two weeks was Rl 6 000. Use this data to calculate the Cost Performance lndex, the forecasted cost to completion percentage using two methods, the Cost Variance and the approximate completion of your project your performance at the end of week 12. Give views as to the status of this project.Surnamo: …,.-,. Registration Number: (20) QUESTTON 2 project The with details as tabled are scheduled to be completed in 12 weeks. Client resource restrictions apply, and you are required to use exacfly four (4) workers throughout the duration project. of the Because of this constraint, you perform need to resource-limited scheduling. Assume that task number B is fixed and may not be moved but that the performed oiher tasks can be independently of the other tasks. Tasks numbers D, F period and G may be interrupted once for a not…


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