Generating hypotheses for t-tests and ANOVAs


Post a null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA. 

For this assignment, you can choose one research question and modify it to fit each of the statistical tests. If you find it easier, you can choose three different research questions; one for each test.

A useful strategy for this assignment is to first jot down the requirements for each type of test and what each is typically used for. Then you can devise your research question and tailor it to meet the requirements.

Be sure that you understand the difference between independent and dependent samples before you attempt to respond to this assignment. Your text has extensive discussions of both types (dependent samples are also called related samples).

I think you will find the following videos very helpful in understanding the difference between z-tests and t-tests and when to use each of them.


Also, two questions on “ Genenerating  hypotheses for t-tests and Anovas.

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