Asset Tracking and Management Software Application

Background. Refer to week 2’s background definition.

Create a 750 to 1,000-word technical architecture document defining the following:

Note: Your response must be substantive and detailed. I will not accept responses without substantive details. Please refer to section “Required Assignment Response Length” in Instructor Policy document about the minimum word count policy.

Format: Copy and paste each below bolded item into your paper in the start of your response for that item. Bold each item in your paper to clearly define your responses.

  1. Hardware platform (2 points). Describe the hardware environment (desktops and servers) and configuration such as CPU, memory, storage, etc, to support the development and production of this system. Note that you need to discuss two separate environments – development and production, even if they already exist.
  2. Network (2 points).Network connections between the stores and datacenter. A network diagram is required. Embed the diagram in the main document.
  3. Database information (2 points). An ERD, including relationship between the tables, is expected for customer data covering personal data and purchases. Show primary keys. Embed the diagram in the main document.
  4. User interfaces (2 points). Describe the interface for data collection and notification to store personnel and customers.
  5. Controls (1 points). Describe the controls to make sure the customer information is accurately maintained and the purchase activity is accurately captured.
  6. Security (1 points). Describe the security measures to protect the customer’s personal and purchase history data. Identify a minimum of two security measures and provide details.

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