Technical Writing rewrite writing homework help

I wrote this assignment but i was given a chance to rewrite it using the technical writing template has an example, i need to rewrite excerceise one.

  • Ensure there are no spelling/grammar errors (hint: let Microsoft Word do the work for you)
  • Ensure there are no formatting errors (hint: keep your font consistent across each section)
  • Ensure that page margins are uniform (hint: 1 inch all around)
  • Ensure that there is a Last Name & Page Number listed in either the header or footer (hint: let Microsoft Word do the work for you)
  • Ensure that each screenshot is centered within each page and that each is formatted with a border color (hint: use black or blue for the border color)
  • Ensure that a link is included for any information derived from open sources (hint: just place a URL for a given tool/article/blog)

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