Physical Therapy Clinic Business Plan assignment help

Below is the assignment. Attached are the 2 files with supporting information. One describes the clinic layout, structure and the staff. The second provides base data for analysis to answer the questions below. Due Saturday night.


Based on the Mock Clinic’s information (attachments provided), calculate the following ratios on a monthly basis and 6 month total. FTE = Full Time Employee

Evaluations/licensed therapists
Visits/total FTE
Procedures/total FTE
Net revenue/visit
Total expenses/visit

What conclusions or what additional questions are generated from a critical review of this data?

What is your conversion rate of referrals to evaluations?

Does the clinic have a dependable, adequate market share?

Based on the market share and a benchmark productivity factor of 0.8 man-hour per visit, what is the ideal total number staff needed and what is the ideal ratio of licensed PT, licensed PTAs, and unlicensed staff?

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